19 May 2015

USCIS Temporarily Suspends Premium Processing for H-1B Extensions

UPDATE 06/08/2015: USCIS has confirmed that the temporary suspension of premium processing for H-1B extensions applies to any H-1B petition requesting an extension of stay for the beneficiary regardless of whether the petition is filed by the same employer or is requesting a change of employer.


Starting May 26, 2015, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will temporarily suspend premium processing for all H-1B Extension Petitions until July 27, 2015 in order to implement the H-4 EAD rule in a timely manner and to adjudicate EAD applications filed by H-4 non-immigrants. USCIS will continue to premium process H-1B Extension of Stay petitions filed with Form I-907 premium requests prior to May 26, 2015. Note that premium processing will still be available for all other Form I-129 H-1B Petitions including petitions subject to the H-1B cap that are requesting a change of status or consular notification. USCIS will refund the premium processing fee if:

  • A petitioner filed H-1B petitions prior to May 26, 2015, using the premium processing service, and
  • USCIS did not act on the case within the 15-calendar-day period.

Just as USCIS is preparing for May 26th, anyone who is planning on taking advantage of the new regulations should begin preparing the documentation needed in order to file the EAD application. For more on who qualifies for an H-4 EAD and what is needed to apply, please visit H-4 EAD Specifics!

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